2016-09-09, On my way to: “Av Emmaboda för Emmaboda”, Utställning / Exhibition.

Växsjö, one boring town somewhere where you are in nowhere. Well the pain wasn’t that long just had to wait for the next train towards Emmaboda. 2016-09-09-00322016-09-09-0035The information board…


“Nya Småland” The concept of marketing is an amazing tool, but then on the other hand the idea of Nya småland is an project in which the chosen few are to be, the rest is the props that are essential for the play. The including is not a tool to use its a concept of  flourish idea based (only!) the terminology is essential only in the chase of that where to find funding’s. Then the language is the barrier that keeps the core of the concept to a theoretical aspect only. This is what my art is about, the knowledge of the ones that aren’t a part of the script play-writers that uses the terminology as a weapon. Interesting in many ways for me as an artist to realize how things works. How the networking aspect of being an contemporary artist is as important as the actual piece of art.

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