2016-12-01 pt.IV, Tranås


Let it snow, let i snow. Another photo taken 2016-12-01 It started to snow a whole lot and I couldn’t resist to get out there and take some photos. I use my Mamiya ZD a digital medium format camera and a classic 80 mm f 1,9 lens. I like this combo and it gets me into another type of photo than I have done and do. The slow speed of the camera, well it has a buffer of 10 photos before it needs to load into the memory card. The buffer speed is 0,4 photos a second I think, well Its a big difference form other cameras 35 mm that I also use. And to take photos at night when the highest ISO (ASA or DIN) is 100, creates another process to create the photos, still there are of cause a need to be good at composition which I got via taking loads of photos.


NC Nordic Care AB, Ydrevägen, Tranås, Sweden.


Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

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