2016-12-04 pt.VI, Varberg to Tranås

There are only one train track in Varberg and you cross it here, kinda dangerous. They are going to reconstruct quite much and make it to two tracks.




I feel like an angry old man, but I hate these idiots that put their own shitty shoes where someone will sit later. I have been quite good at telling people off and no one have even been close to try to say anything back aspect trying to look offended. I belive that there is a problem in general that idiot´s are allowed by the other 99% to do whatever. To change this its easy It´s just to say what you think is correct so that the stupid ones can change their behaviour. If everyone did this I think there would be (and yes in a tradition of solidarity ofcause, not in a bankster) a much better world.


Back at Norra storgatan in Tranås on my way home…







More photos of Varberg:





Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)


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