2017-01-01 pt.VI, Tranås


Mirroring, this house boat have been something that “people have been talking about” (snackis) in Tranås.

Anyways to start the new year to be honest about my self and what I encounter, then its just to start right away, init.
So here we go, the mirroring can be a good description of anything human I would say today I will give some thoughts about how I see the art “world”. I have a problem whit the fact that art are something artificial that aren’t to be domesticated. There are some different factors that creates this firstly I think that the climate for any human (well me myself is not by far any good example for this, white, male, born in one of the economically richest country in the world) is awful if we have a bigger picture of the possibilities for humans, that there could be a much more equally divided world. OK stop dreaming and focus on what’s reality, then there are a few big mistakes in the art world. Firstly the idea of good and bad art, this is a subjective attitude that are misunderstood to be a truth. The importance as I see it it not to become like a sport thing, where competing is important in order to find out what is god and bad art. This creates a corrupt structure in it self, when the importance is to win (be best) then you tend to do something that will give you that position. Not that you are a liar if you do so, but the question of why you do so is magically gone at the same millisecond you do it. The idea of that arts and culture are representations of humans because of that it’s humans that do the art doesn’t necessary need to become a lapse that are a carbon copy of what we live especially not the actual process of not creating the art (and live out of it). This is where the “winner” mentality is a dead end for creativity and have become a structure of living that are destructive in its nature. What you need to do as an artist is more or less humiliating and not a creative process at all. The need for you to get in a context of “art” and “artists” makes the choice for you, the social landscape is as dead as within any socially constructed (human) concept. I don’t belong to this, not that the people aren’t nice or that there could be a good time to socialize.  But the fact that I don’t want to look in the mirror when talking to someone else, this is something that aren’t just within “the art world” Its anywhere. For me as a artist I focus on the arts and the structure around it. There are some different factors of this homogeneous culture one is that the area of familiarity creates a border, so that you either belong or not to the structure It’s hard if not impossible to be in between. The homogeneous nature of the structure creates a certain culture within the structure, that what’s outside the structure is not the structure a truth that is not a truth what I try to say is that the structure of your “home” needs the surroundings in order to become something special.  A typical and “stupid” easy truth but its so easy to forget this, but if we add a layer of ideas such of imperialism, that your structure have the rights to include other structures if they are what you (the structure of where you live) like them to be. This creates a balance of power, where if you want to be a part of a structure try to imitate it, try do become it by any means because this is how you “win” or if you don´t like to be that structure you start to build one by yourself which is to do the same thing again. As part of my new years promise to tell what I think and therefore try to tell “my truth”, well to tell a truth is to ask questions this is what I will be better in this year 2017. The becoming of individuals is a way to realize oneself to have a career, but is that what you like or. For me I’m not at all interested in a career in the sort that are of importance of today, i.e make money become “someone” in different social structures. I like to do expressions of my thoughts, to do this the need for a social context is essential, but for me the idea is that I like to investigate my thoughts in order to create the art. But that will be impossible if the structure are built upon either neglect or praising of it. So that if you try to not be a part of the structure by be outside of it, the structure becomes stronger. Artists that like to create a alternative or create their own structure tend to look to much into what they don’t like to become. This includes myself, therefore I like to work with the idea of just put a question mark. Not that I don’t want to get the benefits, but because I question it. Also to be truthfully towards my question, of what I like to accomplish so the structure it self creates and therefore gives as answer. Its an Idea of what is rightly within and therefore also what’s outside the notion of the question. Example, artists try to be alternative to something lets say Venice biennial, Documenta, Art Basel or any other bigger art event then the idea often is to create their own channel in order to have the power. Then the question I think should be why do this? Create alternative biennials, art fairs is it a quest to be like something you don’t want to be? If so would you like to be part of what you doing a alternative to? When It comes to create a network or networking the ideas of creating an alternative is appealing, but for whom and why. This becomes in many ways shortcuts to become what you like as well as the contrary. For whom does this shortcuts benefits and does the exploring where art is not only a subject or a goal but a process for investigation. If the aim is to become famous and well known the work to “create” opportunities for fellow artists, curators and other within the artistic field could be a brilliant way. Not to say that some behaviors are more rightfully than others but for myself ask the right questions and work with my art. The tricky situation is that in order to show my art, to do so I need to interact with individuals that have not thought enough of what their actions tells.
Well well more of these text will come here during 2017. And yes nothing will make sense, just a bunch of questions looked at different angels.









Mamiya ZD / Mamiya Sekor C 80 mm f1.9
Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)





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