2017-02-21, Tranås


A view from the balcony and this is how I sleep, but just for some more days. Then Its off to Malmö. I kinda feel like a traitor because we are going to use the “RUT avdrag” to move. Have found after a lot of research a company that does the moving from Tranås to Malmö (and I will go in the van!) and cleaning the apartment this for 5000:- (sek) then we me and Hanna have used what is used mostly by people earning loads of more money than us. This RUT (and ROT) is made so that the rich part of the population still can use the poor to clean their houses fix their verandas and the tax money that comes from all of us goes to the 1%:er. And even then the worker earns so little they have two works. Of cause It’s a shame to be part of this “economy”. But It was the only realistic way for us, me and Hanna, no one with drivers license. And we’r hell not going to pay more (without this RUT) and then give money to more tax cuts for the rich.

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