Karl Larsson is my name Im an artist that works within a multiple of different areas of art, the process is a key point for me and my art therefore the practice as such in terms of actual technique is not as important as the abstract base from where my art starts. I have been using different techniques such as photography,  video, performance, social art, sound and artists book as the outcome of my different projects. It all depends on how i interpret the process on site.

more information of me: http://www.karllarsson.se
This is my new or continuous blog for my everyday life, If you are interested of what I have been up to before this have a look at


Questions? contact me: karllarsson(a)karllarsson.se

According to Swedish laws, and in about 150 other countries the copyright I don´t need to write to have for my own work! So, if you want to use contact me.
And please if you are a company or want to use my photography in any kind of commercial aspects (i.e anyone in the process making money out of what you like to use my photo to/ for) then think before you send a mail, offer me money, a pay for my effort. Otherwise please don´t even think that I like to give you something for free.
Your profit should not be my loss!!