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2017-04-22, Malmö



2017-04-22, Malmö.

A sunny nice day and we went to Moderna Museet Malmö, the exhibition “Malmö Brinner” official info (swedish) interesting to see but a essential piece is missing. The idea of an exhibition about Malmö art scene in the period 1960-1980 it’s essential to have Charlotte & Sture Johannesson as a part of it. The couple is an big part of Malmö art scene of that period, period. To not have even mention them is a absolute disgrace of not only  Charlotte and Sture but to the art scene as whole in that period. The piece “Friheten på barrikaderna II ”  but more the “Galleri Cannabis” that was a big part of the alternative art scene in Malmö, in these times Malmö didn’t yet have Malmö Konsthall (and yet many years until Rooseum (The Rooseum Center for Contemporary Art) that later became Moderna Museet Malmö). This I think reflects the fact that contemporary art is more of contemporary curating and the possibility that your networking skills creates. The sad about this when you create an exhibition with a historical perspective as this is, is that you re-create facts of times passed. This creates an attitude towards each-other that only are based upon how good we are in promote our selfs, this generates a a avatar-ish, facebook tubs-up-one-side-only show society. Art becomes unpleasant pleasant, created within a certain group for a certain group, this is inbreeding based upon a nepotistic structure.
Because of this laziness from the curator, staff and other involved in the exhibition I find the whole Moderna Museet Malmö as a joke based upon the idea of art as commodity and not as a output of culture. This is of cause a product of a theorization needed when culture becomes a simplified model of it self, this is a natural development as art seen as any other commodity that are to be sold and bought. And that is one way to see it, maybe a little (to much?) of post-modernistic / post-structuralist dazzle in this approach to art. Well it’s not that I have much against or think that both post modern/ structural concept is a bad idea or wrong, but the influence these ideas have had to institutions of any kind display a complex relation between theory and practise in 21th century information society.

My art embody the questions related to this complex relation… And maybe this is why I don’t get much of exhibitions, no Im just not eager enough and really cant give a …. about being involved a context where individuals gather just to keep their “career” going.
I hope to be enable to write a “special” about Charlotte & Sture Johannesson later, I did a dissertation about them loooong time ago. And I think that I still have the tapes with the interview of them, just need to find them he he .






Canon 5D mr.II & EF 50 mm f. 1.2





2017-04-19, Malmö



2017-04-19, Malmö meeting up with a friend and looking at at place where Im going to exhibit later this year. And then did have a couple of beers at Mamma Mia nice place…












Canon 5D mr.II & EF 50 mm f. 1.2
Canon Canon 5D mr.II & EF 24 mm f1.4



2017-04-15, Malmö


2017-04-15, Malmö.

Family gathering (Sister, Toni, Me, Hanna) for Easter taking a tripp to look at some art and smal towns in rural Scania. Österlen is the name of the part where this spectacle happens. Artists sell their art to culture-starving (since last year) consumers. A very nice tripp but the weather was kinda April style, cold and rain and snow.








Canon 5D mr.II & EF 50 mm f. 1.2



2017-03-29, Malmö


A little bike.










Canon 5D mr.II & EF 50 mm f. 1.2



2017-03-25, pt.II, Malmö

2017-03-25-0107  2017-03-25-01962017-03-25-02162017-03-25-0224

In the night we went to look at performance some nice stuff, but then went back home. One individual in particular that are what I call opportunistic and therefore unsightly and to much to handle. The type of individual that are in a constant selfie flow together with “influential” (a.k.a famous) persons. This kind of behaviour is for me as an artist one of the most irritating and destructive that I know about, destructive to the art in it self. For the art to become nothing more than a trading product (which could be true) this is not why I make art, and this is especially not the way for someone whom dose’t do art to take the benefits from my hard labouring.

well we also went home to sleep.












Canon 5D mr.II & EF 50 mm f. 1.2



2017-03-02 pt.II, Malmö

Gamla tennishallen Malmö, Omklädningsrum i förgrunden.2017-03-02-0088

A photo of the old indoor tennis court just around the corner from my place, this is to be demolished quite soon. And a “fat” television, ohh I have hard time not to bring it home, as a fat-tv-horder. I have used it in “Malmö street video festival” follow link:


well this one Ill leave to it’s destiny.













Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)