2016-05-18, Kronstadt, NCCA Residency

2016-05-18-0001 The daily boat, and some cleaning of the bridge. 2016-05-18-0003

This day my backpack was broken and I thought that it just to buy an new, well It had made more than two years with me an accomplishment that no other backpack have made before. Any ways I went to the shopping-mall, to buy a new bag. The bag shop didnt have the size I wanted but when I show the bag the lady helped me, she took me to a place where to buy the things that I needed, then she took me to a tailoring place they helped me and wanted to offer me this for free. Very nice and I think the first lady walked with me for like 30 minutes. Outside the shopping mall this leaf where left.  2016-05-18-0006 2016-05-18-0007

Now painted i grey again, have a look at when it was blue…
2016-05-18-0017 2016-05-18-0027

Then a little walk in the night…



Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

2016-05-17, Kronstadt, NCCA Residency pt. IV

2016-05-17-0332 2016-05-17-0386 A dog waiting for someone. 2016-05-17-0397

Back in central Kronstadt. after an really nice afternoon…



Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)


2016-05-17, Kronstadt, NCCA Residency pt. III

2016-05-17-0201 On the roof of a building..
2016-05-17-0222Inside the building.

2016-05-17-0306 2016-05-17-0317

On my way back to the buss, time goes fast when recording sound..



Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

2016-05-17, Kronstadt, NCCA Residency pt. II

2016-05-17-0050 Then I did get a ride with Micha & Co to the “top of the Island” to have time to record some more sounds.2016-05-17-0072 2016-05-17-0100 2016-05-17-0122



Its quite demanding to record sound, the focus that I need to find the right place and then to record the sounds.

Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

2016-05-17, Kronstadt, NCCA Residency

A walk to the shop.2016-05-17-0003

And then on the way back.

2016-05-17-0006 2016-05-17-0009

I went in to the cathedral, one of the biggest in Russia It was a bit to “new” for my taste but impressive. If you google you will find out why its new and I dont have to write it here. 2016-05-17-0019





Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

2016-05-16, Kronstadt, NCCA Residency

2016-05-16-0001 Om my way to make some art…2016-05-16-0004

On site and making it.

Back to base..2016-05-16-0030



Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

2016-05-15, Kronstadt, NCCA Residency

2016-05-15-0002The boat..2016-05-15-0008


a little walk in the night.



Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)