2016-11-30 pt.II, Tranås

ICA Kvantum, Tranås the view from the stairs of my work. I like it changes during the day.


ICA Tranås
Outside our staircase
Field recordings.


working with field recordings of Tranås streets, the goal is to record all the streets of Tranås. Its a project that will take some time and is a collaboration with Magnus Grhen the presentation is to be decided during the project. So far about 1/3 of the streets are recorded, there will be a need for speed in order to manage it.


Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

2016-11-30, Tranås

On a walk.




Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

2016-11-29, Tranås

Termination of contract of the apartment at Norra storgatan 84 in Tranås. Now focus on new adventures in Malmö. Hanna got a job in Varberg and hopefully they will give some answer of how long Hanna will have the job there. Exiting times to say the least. But as always there are backside of the coin, as in this case for me and my job here in Tranås. It have been an amazing time and many new learnings and experiences. The glamour that people try to give a glimpse of via instagram, facebook or other so-called social media where everything is to be all that “news-ish” the important is that there are some good ingredients for a story the drama is important and there are a need for a hero. Well anyway this story from me is what it is and nothing else. I have to say that I never taught that grown up people would behave this wrong. And that I’m not surprised that there are much worse behaviour aka bullying going on. Not that my experience have been close to what other people have experienced. But this is what I have experienced, this is my story and if anyone else have their they write their own.

I got this work and have been very happy, as a person that move and have been moving a lot I have to be organised, so I asked for a meeting with my bosses to discuss my future at this job. This I did in July but we had the meeting later much later, I did ask for a higher pay (which is totally okay, my pay was to low!). The Idea was that I was going to have the same amount but work 75%. The amount would not be wrong accordingly to my age, experience, education. This deal meant that the commune and everyone involved just had to put 75% instead of 100% same amount. This didn´t they want. Well that´s okay. But what wasn’t okay the aftermath where I didn’t receive any phone calls or e-mails for a month. One month without any contact from the bosses or for that matter any other of the working staff (my “colleagues”) this is when I have got at least 2 mails and 2 phone calls a day before. This is a very, very shitty behaviour and something that are just awfully.


Post box.


At night I went to look at one of the project that I had been working with, this time with Joakim Becker that did present his poetry.



Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

2016-11-28, Tranås

“The Spot” Photo of the same place taken over time (one year).



Photo of the same “Spot” have a look at the changes follow link:











Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)








2016-11-27, Tranås

End of the pints and poetry night. Outside Ban Thai…




Balcony view…






Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)






2016-11-26 pt.II, Tranås

The Kitchen view, our kitchen here in Tranås.





Ban Thai, and “pilsnerpoesi” where Thomas C Ericsson and some more poets from Kisa did readings. Aswell as Två män i en dambob…







Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)

2016-11-26, Tranås

A walk even in a small town like Tranås you can find interesting and photogenic things going on. So It´s just to keep up take photos of what ever I encounter.

Christmas trees


Soon It’s Christmas, then you need christmas-trees. Or? Well I haven’t have any myself in any of my homes, even that I like to decorate to get a little lighter and cosy when It’s dark.



Året Runt



Well not much of snow (that stay on the ground) yet, maybe I will come.





Foto/ Photo: Karl Larsson (www.karllarsson.se)